Useful base plate supporting the patient's head during Leksell skull frame placement

Keywords: device, technique, gamma knife, surgery, stereotactic frame

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     We developed a base plate to support the patient’s head and a Leksell skull frame during skull frame placement to the patient’s head in supine position.
     The base plate is made of transparent acrylic board with holes at the posterior posts for injection of local anesthetics through them. A stable and comfortable position of the patient’s head is obtained and maintained with an air-pressure cuff beneath the patient’s head.
     In most institutes serving Gamma Knife treatment, skull frame placement is performed with the patient in sitting position, because it is easier to give local anesthetics at the occipital regions for posterior bar fixation in sitting position than in a supine position. However, supine position is more comfortable with relaxation for the patient and it is safer because of less possibility of syncope.
     This study was an observational analysis.
     Lying on the base plate in a supine position, the patient is allowed to keep a stable and comfortable position with relaxation during procedures of skull frame placement on the head.
     Use of this technique may be of value to other centers.


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