Efficiency of 3-Tesla MRI in Stereotactic radiosurgery and functional neurosurgery

Keywords: magnetic resonance imaging, gamma knife, image guidance, functional, technique

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     Higher field strength magnets are being used in clinical practice.
     The aims of this study are to compare the distortions in CT, 1.5T MRI and 3.0T MRI in Gamma Plan workstation and to consider the possibility of 3.0T MRI use in radiosurgery and other functional neurosurgery.
     We performed CT, 1.5T MRI and 3.0T MRI using phantom as same usual manners. We assumed CT image had no distortion. And then we measured the coordinates in each image using gamma plan workstation and compared the difference of coordinates in 3-dimensional space between the images. In order to identify the interpersonal difference, the data were obtained by 3 physician or doctors.
     1.5T MRI showed some distortion but the difference was less than 1.0mm in overall coordinates in 3-dimensional space. 3.0T MRI showed similar distortion in central area, but distortion was getting bigger in peripheral area.
     This was a retrospective comparison study.
     3.0T MRI could be used in limited situation with acceptable error and high quality image. 
     But the distortion could be corrected technically in near future.


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