Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Benign Skull Base Meningioma

maheep singh gaur1, Jayant Misra2

1Kumud Chawla Gamma Knife Center 2Rancan Gamma Knife Center, Vimhans, New Delhi, India

Keywords: meningioma, gamma knife, skull base, radiosurgery, outcome

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     Skull Base Meningioma are one of the largest indication among being tumour treated with gamma knife.
     We have reviewed our cases to find the effectively of this treatment.
     We treated 244 meningiomas treated between 1998 and 2011 on Gamma Knife model B and Perfexion. We review 141 of 178 benign skull base meningiomas cases with more than 2 years follow-up.
      The locations of the tumors were the petroclival region in 21 cases, the cavernous sinus & paraseller region in 29 cases, and the cerebellopontine angle region in 20 cases, frontal base 21 cases & other 28 cases. Fifty four patients (39%) had been operated on previously. The marginal doses for the tumors were 6 Gy to 18 Gy (median, 12.47 Gy). Tumor volume ranges from 0.2 cc to 90 cc (median 11.28 cc). Tumor Coverage ranged from 76% to 100% (median 98.45%). All evaluated every 6 months with contrast MRI.
     Tumor regression was observed in 24% of the patients imaged during first year, 76% remain controlled at 1 year follow-up. While over 2 years 52% showed regression, 47% remained same and 1% showed increase in size. Over all Progression in series were 8% cases. Two patients needed microsurgery. 5 patients were treated multiple times. New deficits seen in less than 1 % cases
     This was a retrospective series.
     Gamma Knife radiosurgery is effective for basal meningiomas.. 
     Gamma knife seems to be an effective treatment with low morbidity.


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m. gaur (), J. Misra ()