GKS for upper spinal cord tumors

Keywords: Craniovertebral junction, gamma knife, spinal cord neoplasm, radiosurgery, outcome

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     Foramen magnum, upper cervical spinal cord area are complex area.
     We have treated and assessed the effect of Gamma Knife radiosurgery for the tumors at the cranio-cervical junction.
     We have treated 13 patients with GKS during last 18 years. The 13 patients were comprised of 3 men and ten women, their ages ranging from 26 to 75 years(mean 50.06 years).
     The diagnoses were 2 hemangioblstomas, 4 meningiomas, 4 astrocytomas, 1 hemangioma, 1 ependymoma, 1 hypoglossal tumor, etc. Surgical intervention was performed in 4 before radiosurgery. Mean maximal dose was 21.3 Gy, mean marginal dose 10.6 Gy.
     Mean follow up period was 37.1 months(8-142 months). Eight tumors had markedly decreased in size on follow up MRI. The other cases were stationary. There was no complication.
     This was a retrospective study.
     The result of this study suggests that GKS is effective for upper cervical tumor, foramen magnum tumor without neurological deficit. 
     Other centers should validate the role of radiosurgery at the craniocervical junction.


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