L-shape Y/z Slides For The Treatment Of Far Field Targets

Keywords: gamma knife, technique, radiosurgery, stereotactic frame, device

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       Patient setup can be challenging for eccentric brain targets.
     For the treatment of far-anterior and far-posterior field targets, the L-shape Y/Z slides were developed.
     The L-shape Y/Z slides are precision instruments for the treatment of far-anterior and far-posterior field lesions that cannot be reached with the standard Y/Z slides (Elekta). The actually available space within the Leksell coordinate frame model G includes any points with the coordinates of X= 10~190mm and Y= -10~210mm.
     In the standard Y/Z slides with stereotactic frame, the physically possible maximum y-axis range of treatment in the trunnion mode permits the coordinates of 25 to 175mm. The L-shape Y/Z slides are used for y-coordinates of -10 to 210mm. The material used for the L-shape Y/Z slides is lightweight aluminum.
     This was a limited test of functionality.
     The L-shape Y/Z slides used for gamma knife radiosurgery are a new design that can increase the range of y-axis.
     These slides are easy to use, and are as safe as the standard Y/Z slides for the treatment.


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