Survival Results Of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery For Patients With Metastatic Brain Tumor Of Lung Cancer

Keywords: brain metastasis, outcome, gamma knife, lung cancer, radiosurgery

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     We analyze the survival time after gamma knife radiosurgery (GKRS) to patients with lung cancer brain metastases. We try to find that multiple GKRS to the multiple recurrent brain metastases is helpful to prolongation of survival time and delaying the whole brain radiation therapy (WBRT) time.
     From May 2005 to July 2009, 77 patients were included. All they were lung adenocarcinoma patients with only brain metastasis. Their KPS were more than 70 and they had no other severe medical illness.
     We classified our patients into three groups. Group A included patients with single metastasis. Group B included patients with multiple metastases and treated with single GKRS. Group C included patients with multiple recurred metastases and treated with multiple GKRS.
     Group A showed mean 69.2 years old age and average 14.05 months of survival time after GKS. Group B showed mean 65.4 years old age and 9.76 months of survival time. Group C showed mean 58.3 years old age and 17.86 months of survival time.
     This is a retrospective study.
     In our series, patients with multiple recurred metastases were younger than other groups.
     The multiple GKS is helpful to prolongation of survival time.


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