Automatic Recovery Of Snapshots Of Leksell Gammaplan® 8.3.1 Plannings Through A Local Area Network (lan) Connection.

Keywords: technique, Imaging, gamma knife, dose planning, network

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     After the upgrade from Leksell GammaPlan® 5.4 to the Leksell GammaPlan® 8.3.1 that is running on a Linux core and has a ''reorganized'' file system organization, we were no more able to use our database system and semi-automatic routines collecting data and planning snapshots. The only way provided by Elekta to access to the planning snapshots was through the use of an external USB support.
     We tried to find an automatic procedure to copy planning snapshots in an independent local database.
     A guest account provides a remote access to the Postgresql database storing the patient''s planning related data. However, no documentation is provided to the end user to facilitate the use of it.
     Our automatic procedure has been used to retrieve snapshots of more than 300 plannings performed with Leksell GammaPlan® 8.3.1. We found no problem in the application of this procedure.
     This is a retrospective study.
     Our own database system is now automatically populated with the snapshots from LGP 8.3.1.
     This now is avoiding the need of an external USB support for the transfer.


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