Automatic Access To The Data Of Treatment Planning In Leksell Gammaplan® 8.3.1 To Create A Personal Database System.

R Kamouni1, Schoovaerts F1, Desmedt F1, Devriendt D1, De Witte O1, Massager N.1

1Gamma Knife Center, University Hospital Erasme, Brussels, Belgium.

Keywords: database, registry, dose planning, gamma knife, network

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     During a Gamma Knife procedure, the planner is able to print out some PDF files, like treatment planning protocol and dosimetric measurements.
     In order to copy these dosimetric data, the planner has to re-encode manually these data in his own database, which is time-consuming and is associated with risks of errors.
     We developed a method to extract useful data directly from the PDF files generated during the Gamma Knife procedure to create automatically fields of the research database. The Leksell GammaPlan® 8.3.1 is running on a Linux core and has a ''reorganized'' file system organization, gave us the opportunity to access the internal database system. In spite of a lack of documentation provided to the end user and after an analysis of the table''s structure, we extracted some relevant data through the use of an Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC). Simple tools like MSAccess© or FileMaker© can then be used to process, analyze and combine with other data sources to integrate departmental systems.
     Our procedure has been used to add data to our local database from more than 300 plannings performed with Leksell GammaPlan® 8.3.1. We found no problem in the application of this procedure.
     This is a retrospective study.
     Our own database system is now automatically populated with data from Postgresql, avoiding double inputs and limiting the source of errors.
     The treatment planning related data is combined with input from other databases and used for reports and research.


Project Roles:

R. Kamouni (), S. F (), D. F (), D. D (), D. O (), M. N. ()