Extendtm System Of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Using The Polystyrene Foam Piece In The Preliminary Selection Of Mouth Piece For Dental Imprint

Keywords: Extend, gamma knife, technique, stereotactic frame, Fractionated radiosurgery

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     In fractionated treatment, patient''s head can be re-positioned by using the ExtendTM frame system. Specific dental imprint is tailor-made to fit the profile of each patient''s upper teeth and palate. Different sizes of mouth piece are supplied and suitable one should be selected to obtain patient''s optimal comfort during the imaging and the treatment.
     Instead of trying each size of rigid dental impression tray into the patient''s mouth for testing, a polystyrene foam test piece was designed as a preliminary testing tool. It will relieve patient''s anxiety and reduce patient''s discomfort during the size selection. Time consumption in this procedure can also be reduced.
     A piece of polystyrene foam was cut from a foam bowl which is commonly used in food serving and food packaging. The size should be similar to the dental impression tray. Patient was asked to bite firmly to create a model test piece. The model test piece was trimmed to allow margins around the dental imprint. Then it was put into various sizes of dental impression tray to check the fitness. The selected dental impression tray was then inserted into patient''s mouth for final testing. As the correct size was confirmed, molding of dental imprint could be carried out. After used, the polystyrene foam test piece should be properly disposed.
     The polystyrene foam test piece was tried on four patients. From the fact that the polystyrene foam test piece was softer and less bulky when compared with the rigid dental impression tray. Patients commented that they felt more comfortable and at ease during the procedure. The operation team found that it was easier to choose the suitable size of mouth piece by comparing the width and depth of the dental profile on the test piece.
     This is a retrospective study.
     The polystyrene foam test piece is a useful trick in the preliminary selection of mouth piece for dental imprint.
     It can be made conveniently and the material is easily available. It enhances a smooth and time saving procedure.


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