Long Term Results Of Meningioma Gamma Knife Treatment

Keywords: meningioma, radiosurgery, outcome, gamma knife, Imaging

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     A long term follow up is required to evaluate the results of treatment of meningiomas as slow growing tumors. Current study analyzes cohort of 226 patients harboring 249 meningiomas treated between 1992 and 1997 at Na Homolce Hospital, Prague.
     Analyzed cohort of patients consisted of 179 (79,2%) women and 47 (20,8%) men with mean age of 61 years (18-84 years). Tumor volume ranged between 0,1 and 44,9 cm³ (median 4,37 cm³).
     Dose to the tumor margin was between 6,5 and 24 Gy (median 12,9 Gy), usually on 50% isodose. Follow up records of 217 patients with 239 meningiomas were available for final analysis.
     Ten year tumor control was observed in 94,7% cases. Partial regression of the tumor was recorded in 163 (68,2%), stabilisation in 70 (29,3%) and progression in 6 (2,5%) meningiomas. Improvement of symptoms was found in 89 patients (41%). Temporary morbidity occurred in 30 (13,8%) and permanent in 14 ( 6,4%) of treated patients
     This is a retrospective study.
     Stereotactic radiosurgery is safe and effective treatment method of meningiomas from a long term perspective.
     The decision on treatment options have to be assessed for every patient individually.


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