The Endoscopy Help To Radiosurgery Gamma Knife To Define The Target That Would Include In The Treatment Of Craniopharyngioma Mixture.

Romero Barajas A1, Carlos Rodríguez Vázquez2, Abel Cuebas Solórzano3, Ramiro López Elizalde3, Adrian Santana Velázquez3, Joel Ceballos Ceballos3, María Guadalupe Ramírez3, Héctor Velázquez Santana.3

1Center of Neuro-Radiology 2 Department of Neurosurgery 3 Department of Neuro-Radiology

Keywords: gamma knife, craniopharyngioma, endoscope, outcome, skull base

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     Craniopharyngioma continues being a great challenge at this time, a- in their control tumor, b- as in improving the quality of the patient s life that suffers this illness.
     With the endoscopy use in two different modalities, assist or directing the resection of Craniopharyngioma or inside of cyst, prior to receive complementary treatment with, GKS the endoscopy helps us to define the residual volume of the tumor to try and to obtain a better control, of two components of Craniopharyngioma solid and cystic portion.
      Forty patients undergoing surgery with support neuroendoscopy in two different modalities assist or directing the surgery, totally resection 17 patients, the resection was partially in 23 patients, receiving complementary treatment with GKS, between January 1998 and December 2008, age from 3 to 56 years.
     The patients were divided into 2 group: Group 1 (10 patients), partial resection of solid and Ommaya reservoir was introduced inside of cyst, before GKS, received 11 Gy cover the solid and cyst, Group 2 (13 patients) only solid part it was included, with a dose from 13 to 14 Gy.
     The recurrence in the Group 1 was in six patients, after two years, three patients and after three years in three patients, in the Group 2, recurrence has not been observed on five years.
     This is a retrospective study.
     The growing cyst is the first manifestation of recurrence.
     The cyst and solid is the same neoplasm we report the feasibility of using; Neuroendoscopy assist or directing the resection combined with inside of cyst and microsurgery, for remove partially capsule and solid tumor before GKS, This permit give 13 or 14Gy and will have a good control.


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R. A (), C. Vázquez (), A. Solórzano (), R. Elizalde (), A. Velázquez (), J. Ceballos (), M. Ramírez (), H. Santana. ()