Total Money Raised, Comparison to Health Related PACs

Keywords: surgery, hospital, health care, government, finances

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     The purpose of this study is to show AANS member participation and total money raised for NeurosurgeryPAC, the political action committee of the AANS, and compare its total to other health related PACs, including other medical specialties, hospital organizations, insurance, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and attorneys.
     Data is obtained directly from the Federal Election Commission website, AANS website, and, Center for Responsive Politics.
     Of 5636 eligible active, active provisional, lifetime, associate and allied AANS members, 238 members have donated to NeurosurgeryPAC in 2011, or 4.2% participation. Members are limited, by law, to $5000 donation per year. $485,000 was raised for the 2010, 2 year election cycle, averaging $43 per year donated per eligible member. The total raised is 0.008% of the legal allowable limit, which for 2 years would be $56.3 million if all members contributed the maximum donation. Summary of other PAC contributions for the 2010 election cycle: AMA $43.3 million, Orthopedics $2.2 million, American Hospital Association $3.9 million, Anesthesia $2.2 million, Nurses $3.0 million, American Association for Justice (Trial lawyers) $6.0 million. Total lawyer contributions $159.7 million, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device $120.0 million, Insurance companies $157.9 million.
     This is a retrospective study.
     4% of eligible AANS members donated to NeurosurgeryPAC for 2011. 2010 election cycle totals average $43 per member yearly.
     Other medical specialties raise up to 4 times the total amount of NeurosurgeryPAC. Non-physician health related lobbying raise up to 30 times the total. NeurosurgeryPAC raises less than 1% of its legal allowable limit.


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