Decompressive Craniectomy with Lattice Duraplasty?A Study on Intracranial Pressure and Imaging Features

Dongxia Feng, MD1

1Little Rock, AR United States

Keywords: Imaging, outcome, duraplasty, intracranial pressure, craniectomy

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       The effect of different duraplasty techniques after trauma may be different.
     To investigate the alteration of intracranial pressure and imaging features after decompressive craniectomy with lattice duraplasty in patients with severe head injury.
     Fifty patients suffered from severe head injury with brain swelling were operated using Amercian standard large trauma craniotomy, the lattice duraplasty technique was applied intraoperatively.
     The pre- and post-operative ICP and imaging features were observed and recorded, followed by a statistical comparative study.
     The preoperative ICP was 37.6±7.9mmHg, the midline shift was 11.7±3.8mm, the patients with open ambient cistern were 3 cases. The postoperative ICP reduced to 14.1±6.3mmHgthe midline shift decreased to 4.6±2.7mm, and the patients with open ambient cistern were 31cases. Compared with preoperative data all postoperative data were improved significantly (P<0.01).
     This is a retrospective study.
     The technique of lattice duraplasty used in decompressive craniectomy could reduce ICP and midline shift.
     It also could alleviatee the ambient cistern compression.


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