Outcomes of a Novel Minimalist Approach for the Treatment of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Keywords: ulnar neuropathy, Peripheral Nerve, Decompression, outcome, technique

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     We have described previously a minimalist approach employing a unique incision that allows for adequate ulnar nerve release via in situ decompression, minimizes iatrogenic injury to the medial antebrachial cubital nerve and ulnar nerve and also minimizes post-operative scar formation1.
     We report the outcomes of patients who have undergone this procedure at our institution.
     44 patients were included in the retrospective cohort. All patients underwent in situ decompression via the previously described minimalist approach.
     A retrospective analysis of all patients who have undergone our minimalist approach for cubital tunnel release at the HVAMC from January 1, 2007 – January 1,2011 was performed. The primary outcome variables were patient satisfaction, subjective improvement, improvement in LSU grading scale, re-operation rate, and complication rate.
     Overall patient satisfaction was 86% while 75% of patients reported subjective improvement in their symptoms. There were no intra-operative complications. One patient (2.3%) required re-operation.
     This is a retrospective study.
     In situ decompression using our previously described minimalist approach is safe and effective.
     It provides adequate decompression of the ulnar nerve with success rates comparable to those reported for other approaches while providing the benefit of a smaller incision, less scarring, decreased risk of iatrogenic nerve injury, a low recurrence rate, and minimal complications.


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